Sunday, April 17, 2005

Aleppo 101

-City in Syria with 1.9 million inhabitants (2003 estimate).
-Commercial and cultural centre of northern Syria.
-Aleppo is situated on an arid plateau at an elevation of 430 metres above sea level.
-Ancient Aleppo was known as Beroea, and it dates back to at least 1000 BCE.
-According to an Arab tradition, Abraham lived in it, and distributed some milk to every comer, hence the town's name, Haleb.
-Aleppo's economy is based on trading of agricultural products; on carpet factories, output of silk, cotton, wool textiles, embroidery, silver and gold artefacts; and leather goods.
-Aleppo has a university, which was founded in 1960.
-The city's architecture is a nice mixture between the modern and the traditional. Most famous of Aleppo's sights is the citadel, from where all of the city can be seen. Other sights, like the Mosque of Zacharias, is said to be the situated on the location of the tomb of John the Baptist's father.


Blogger Omar said...

it's good to see a blog from Aleppo. My dad went to univ. there, and he always tells me about it

April 17, 2005 9:15 PM  
Blogger Ghalia said...

It's nice having a blog from Aleppo, welcome to the blogger community and have a good luck:)

April 17, 2005 10:52 PM  
Blogger Ayman said...

Meet-essalameh khayo! At last someone from Aleppo is blogging! Welcome to the Syrian blogsphere :)

April 17, 2005 11:10 PM  
Blogger Rami said...

Thank you all for your support...
I guess it is nice to be the first Blogger from Aleppo!

April 18, 2005 7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

unfortunately, it looks like a giant block of concrete

April 19, 2005 7:12 AM  

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